Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New arrivals

Well, glory be!
After sharing my sorrows, my eldest son (who is presently at the top of the list for the will) came over with Ashlee, his beautiful daughter and they brought me three new gold fish. They are outstanding, with such talent! They can even swim!
I have begun their training already. I knock on the side of the tank and then drop in some fish food. So far they just look at me like their saying, "Cool it man! Don't you see we are trying to get some rest? After all, it was a long trip from Walmart and that jerky driving got us seasick!"

I couldn't get the aerator pump working, but after a few whacks with the hammer, I discovered that it was installed upside down! So it was pumping water out instead of in! Do you think I am too mentally and physically challenged to be entrusted with three little golden lives? Let me know!

A time to mourn

I'm in mourning today. All of my fish died last night. And it is my fault. I began the process of changing the water yesterday, and forgot to turn off the spigot. So they were overwhelmed with chlorine, or whatever, and when I discovered it this morning, they were all floating on their sides, off to "the great pond in the sky."

It's not funny! So quit laughing, Bill & Mark. They have been in the family for 7 years! I have named them and fed them by hand. When they were in the fish tank, they would come to the side and blow bubbles at me when I approached. One had grown to just over 7 inches, and another almost 6!

And one was named Fred, I think. Named by Mylie. Sorry, Mylie.

So a moment of silence please,

While I mourn.

Dad and Granpa

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Do You Love Me?

A Tribute to my Wife

Fifty years ago today, a beautiful lady walked down the aisle on the arm of her Dad, Marvin.  She was an incredible, wonderful lady who I had the grand fortune of taking to be my wife.  Now, four children and 14 grandchildren later, (of whom I am extremely proud!) we celebrate in the quiet of our family room.  (That is a great term, isn't it? "Family Room.")  Where would I be tonight without the steady love of this lady named Sharon?  She is one who is always content to stay in the shadows, faithfully supporting me and being the "wind beneath my wings."  She is the one who cleans up after me (and all of the grandkids!) and does it without complaint.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She loves Jesus and she loves me.
I went you tube tonight and listened to my favorite love song and sat here and cried.  Tevye sings to Golde,
"Do you love me?"  
"For twenty-five years (50 for me) I've washed your clothes
Cooked your meals, cleaned your house,
Given you children, milked the cow.
After "50" years, why talk about love right now?"
"But do you love me
It ends like this:
It doesn't change a thing, but after 50 years, It's nice to know.

It sure is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just thinking!

After going to a couple of funerals involving sudden deaths, and hearing of other friends struggling with the big "C" word, these words came to my mind:

About the time you begin to feel immortal,
Death slaps you in the face
And the sting of death brings you back to reality.
But lest you feel trapped
In the dark tomb of inevitability
HE sets the prisoner free!
Free to live life abundantly!
Free to soar above the pain and hopelessness of sin!
And free - finally and forever free
In the unrestricted glory of the presence of Jesus!
Forever Free!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cryderkids at Great Wolf Lodge

Yesterday, Grandma and I took Ashlee, Aaron and Katelyn to the Great Wolf Lodge for a getaway. We actually left right after church on Sunday, drove the 3 and a half hours (listening to Katelyn ask, "How many more minutes?" a thousand times! Ha!) and then unpacked and hopped into the nice warm pool.  Grandma even went down the "green" slide again!  She is getting quite brave, (or her memory is so short she forgets how scary it is!)  We had sandwiches in the room, went back to swim only to find out they close the pool at 9:00 pm!!!  So back to the room, watched TV (three men and a baby!...very cute!) and then to bed.  Another morning of swimming, hot tubbing, and floating down the lazy river.  Finally we left, stopping at Lakeside Charlies in Cadillac (after going by the old homestead in Mesick) We had a delicious meal there and then on home.  Tired, but satisfied that we had a fun day! 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Florida trip

We took our annual trip to St. Petersburg, Florida during March and April.  What made it special this year is that we spent time with the Mark Cryderman family and the Kulagas.  They all stayed with us at the Sands of Treasure Island and then we met again in Kissimmee at a neat motel.  Then the Kulagas, Heather, Matt, Michael, Kara, Beth and James and us went to Disney.  It was hot and very crowded, but we had a great time.  It is good to be home now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Does Jesus really talk to me?

OK, let me explain....
When I left home and went to college, my Mom and Dad and I would talk quite often.  Now back then there weren't cell phones, and besides, my folks lived in Japan so we couldn't even talk on the telephone, it was so expensive.
But, you see, I knew my parents very well.  When I was with them, I watched them, listened to them, saw them in every type of situation, and I had heard them talk so much, I could almost predict what they would say before they said it.
In fact, if I would do something wrong when they were near, I knew they would tell me that it was wrong and what would happen if I continued it.  But I also knew that when I pleased them they would say.  "Bill, you make us so proud!" or "We are glad you are our son!"  
I would hear Dad say, "You're driving too fast!"  "Get your homework done."  and Mom, "Clean up your plate."  "Go make your bed!"  (Sound familiar?")  I still hear them talking to me.  But it's a little different.
Well, the more we get to know Jesus, the more we can hear his voice.  When we read the Bible and learn about Him, what He says, and what He does, it begins to teach us His "character" and pretty soon we can pretty much know what He is going to say, because we know Jesus!
So no, I don't hear actual voices, but just as sure as I am writing, I know when He is happy with me, and when He is disappointed, and when He wants me to think about something and then do it.
I hope this helps.