Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New arrivals

Well, glory be!
After sharing my sorrows, my eldest son (who is presently at the top of the list for the will) came over with Ashlee, his beautiful daughter and they brought me three new gold fish. They are outstanding, with such talent! They can even swim!
I have begun their training already. I knock on the side of the tank and then drop in some fish food. So far they just look at me like their saying, "Cool it man! Don't you see we are trying to get some rest? After all, it was a long trip from Walmart and that jerky driving got us seasick!"

I couldn't get the aerator pump working, but after a few whacks with the hammer, I discovered that it was installed upside down! So it was pumping water out instead of in! Do you think I am too mentally and physically challenged to be entrusted with three little golden lives? Let me know!


Joann said...

So glad your suck-up son came through for you! haha!!

Can't wait to hear what names the grandkids come up with. :-)

Kulio said...

Oh, that was nice of Billy to get those fish from Walmart for you. As soon as I heard the news, I special-ordered some organic crystalline goldfish from an internationally certified breeder in New Zealand. Mine had iridescent scales and eyes that glowed in the dark. I think I can cancel the order.

And I'm sure the fish from Walmart are just as good.

kool kenna said...